Kids birthday parties

What is it about hosting a kid’s birthday party that means you feel you should address your conscience by offering some sort of proper food (by which I mean pizza, goujons, hummus and tortilla chips…) before you lay on the usual muck (crisps, rice krispie buns, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks) ?  Do the kids really care? If I had strawberries and sweet grapes etc would they have been shocked? disappointed? Would it really matter? All they want is to sing happy birthday and see (but not eat!) the cake, and go home with the party bag full of pens and notebooks and various stationary items, or hair bobbles and a few small treats. Having just been through this, I’m thinking next year, less muck, more bouncy castle (and that’s just for me….its great exercise as I can attest to!!).

Thanks to for the image…yummy!

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