Lyons Cafe in Sligo is surely one of the best!

I had my lunch in Lyons’ Cafe in Sligo today, for the third time this week! It’s the place if you like home-made goodies. Everything, including cakes, pastries, bread and Lyons’ famous scones are made in the kitchens – not a packet to be seen! Raspberry bakewell, black cherry cake, pear tart, chocolate brownies, mixed berry and mango crumble are just some of the temptations available to hungry shoppers at any time of the day.

But…my body is a temple and all that, so today I had salad – but its not just any old salad, and none of that rubbish about picking any three- you can have some of everything, and I did – roasted beetroot, chickpeas and lentils, grated celeriac, shredded carrot, broccoli with satay sauce, fresh leaves, all gorgeous! Today I had freshly poached salmon but on Thursday I had Japanese seared Tuna – and only €9.50!  I phoned home and told them to have a slice of toast, that I was OK for lunch, thanks! The word on the street is that there is a cookbook in the pipeline from the man at the helm, Gary Stafford, so keep that in mind!

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