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Like many people, I was brought up in a typical Irish family where home cooked meals and baking were the norm using local ingredients that were in season. It wasn’t something conscious, it was just the way things were and it fostered my love of cooking and food production. Holidays, travel and day to day generally have food as a central consideration. Questions such as: where is there to eat around here?….what’s recommended?….where did it come from? …answers to these questions may not excite others, but for me, they’re essential.

I’m a qualified food scientist and have worked in and with the food sector for over 25 years. My work is all food all the time and I’m fortunate to work with some of the great producers and chefs in the country helping them to develop, improve and promote their products from concept to commercialisation. If you’d like more information about this you can check out my food business consultancy website, Alpha Omega Consultants.

Please let me know if there is anything you would like me to write about or if you have any burning questions I can help you with.

The 2nd edition of my book, Money for Jam – the Essential Guide to Starting Your Own Small Food Business was published in September 2017 by Oaktree Press, and is available in paperback, and kindle version from online booksellers and in bookshops nationwide! It covers everything you need to know for starting up a food business on the island of Ireland, north & south, and also has some tips for producers in Scotland.

Money for Jam – 2nd edition – The essential guide to starting your own small foot business – Oonagh Monahan – book launch – Oasta Cafe . pic Frances Muldoon

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