The best turkey stuffing ever!

This years turkey stuffing recipe was modified, against a chorus of concern about tampering with perfection I might add! Most of the worry was from me as I knew I would have to answer for it if it failed.

I’m very pleased to report that it was fabulous! And here it is, rough amounts only as its done on the fly….to taste…

Fry off a large onion, remove to a plate;
fry the best Sausage meat you can get (I used Supervalu Supreme) until fully cooked, chopping it up as it cooks;

The new ingredient this year is that I chopped up a half a chubb of Kelly’s of Newport White Pudding with Cranberry and added it to the meat mixture while it fried…..

Add it all to the onion and leave to one side;

Put a good lump of butter into to the (cleaned) pan now and a bag of breadcrumbs, with a big handful of fresh parsley, sage and thyme.

Once cooked add back in everything together, season well and place on an oven proof dish with lid on.

Before placing into the oven beside your turkey, pour over about 200ml chicken stock to keep it moist. Roast for about 45 minutes.

Yum yum yum!!!!

Brunch Chez ours!

Last Sunday morning we took part in a great initiative to raise money for a local community project (Dromahair Arts & Recreation Committee) and to get to know your neighbours at the same time! The Dromahair Women’s group is organising Come Dine With Me-style events and we decided to host a brunch.

So no effort spared as we put together a delicious menu (even if I do say so myself!) and cleaned the house from top to bottom! I really was keen to use as many local products as possible, or Irish at the very least, and nearly everything was bought in the village from our local little shops and Butchers.

Brunch Menu

I love Compotes and the dried fruit one here is a combination of recipes from the great Delia Smith and Hugh Fearnley Whittinstall – definitely a Winter food this one.

Once the guests noticed that they could have Bailey’s with their porridge, it was porridge all round (no one requested low fat milk strangely!). Kedgeree is one of my favourite foods and I rarely ever see it on menus. Rice and fish together – what’s not to love?! This recipe is a combination of Delia Smith (again) and James Martin (from the BBC food website which is fabulous!). The Pork & Apple and Cracked Black Pepper sausages were made by Loughane’s Butchers in Galway, the Boxty was from Detta McNiffe in Aughnasheelin just down the road here in Letirim; potato bread from Cavan. Black pudding was Kelly’s of Newport and Clonakilty; eggs were from Mary Luthers’ Bluebell Organic Farm here in Dromahair (we have our own hens, though none laying at the moment, useless!);

Having been worried that we had made too much food, all plates were cleaned. Gallons of tea and coffee were consumed and there was still room for my home made Tea Brack (Avoca and Delia) – note a trend to combine recipes, I can’t help it!